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Saturday, May 7, 2011

other blog: tumblr

This is the hyperlink to my blog (I have two, but use tumblr one primarily)

This is background info on what Tumblr is.

Much of my blog is cool pictures I find, often with poetic comments, but I write original works, too. I've selected a few of my favorite. To technically "follow" it, one needs their own Tumblr. But anyone can read it simply by going to my blog. Put the hyperlink into the address bar and press enter.

There are many pages, and I have no routine. Something new is there maybe once or twice a month or even seven times a day, on average once a week probably.

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"Rebloggers unite — Too late, You already did." (4/20/11)

"Culture of conformity stifles varying intelligence identities" (4/29/11)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dr. Michael Wesch, Cultural Anthropology Professor at Kansas State University, digital ethnographer

I've assembled a few of Michael Wesch's publications. If you've read Marshall McLuhan or Neil Postman, though, you've heard over half of this already. It's mostly about how the internet and modern technology change how society interacts, learns, behaves, and thinks.

His work sparked my interest in this subject and inspired my previous blog post.

His website at Kansas State
His YouTube channel. Some of his videos are redundant, so I listed the best, most recent, and my favorites.

Anti-Teaching: Confronting the Crisis of Significance
A good 'intro' article, though more pop-science like in language.

Good six minute 'intro' videos; they raise issues but withhold answers.
Rethinking Education (mostly speaking; dyslexic friendly)
A Vision of Students Today (no speaking; not dyslexic friendly)

Two of my favorite articles and videos of his. The video is an hour long, but the article is, in my opinion, an essay version of the video. These are his most detailed and informative media, in my opinion.
A Portal to Media Literacy
From Knowledge to Knowledge-able: Learning in New Media Environments | Academic Commons

The Machine is (Changing) Us:
Another favorite, but not as education oriented as the others.
:30 minutes, but has the 1984/BNW comparison I sent you in its first minute.

He and his students are currently working on a project in which students of his and around the world record videos during classes to get "Visions of Students Today" from the student perspective, inverse to the teacher perspective of the original "Vision of Students Today".

The Visions of Students Today - Call for Submissions

"The Visions of Students Today" 2011 Remix One (trailer)