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Saturday, May 7, 2011

other blog: tumblr

This is the hyperlink to my blog (I have two, but use tumblr one primarily)

This is background info on what Tumblr is.

Much of my blog is cool pictures I find, often with poetic comments, but I write original works, too. I've selected a few of my favorite. To technically "follow" it, one needs their own Tumblr. But anyone can read it simply by going to my blog. Put the hyperlink into the address bar and press enter.

There are many pages, and I have no routine. Something new is there maybe once or twice a month or even seven times a day, on average once a week probably.

"Is it just me, or does it seem funny that modern psychology developed in parallel with the industrial world?" (3/17/11)

"Memed" (3/25/11)

“… screws up the aesthetic value of my Facebook wall” (3/28/11)

"Ruminations: I’m a Facebook addict with too many Facebook friends" (3/30/11)

"Psychology of Literature: Are students getting worse at finding meaning in literature?" (4/27/11)

"Knowledge is power. Or not?" (4/19/11)

"Rebloggers unite — Too late, You already did." (4/20/11)

"Culture of conformity stifles varying intelligence identities" (4/29/11)